Towards the Idea - meaning and motives

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

'The central point of the work is the work as origin, the point which cannot be reached, yet the only one which is worth reaching.' Maurice Blanchot

watercolour on paper study - The Unknown Painter

What I’m engaged with in the making of the work lies beyond the surface materiality and its subject. I have no interest in purely rendering some imitation or resemblance to a person or scene or to merely delight the viewer.

Creating the work is a quest towards what is always unknown. Each mark delineates a reference point as a position of apperception or intuition of the artist.

This quest is a constantly unfolding-re-evaluating process of making and remaking of thinking and unthinking; towards the Idea as the origin of the work.

This is process embodies a preoccupation with the nature of thinking in time and its relation to memory and presence. Essentially I am beginning with the notion of love; here some prior presence has been lost or is missing and must be traced or recovered through the making of the work.

Oil on canvas board study - The Unknown Painter

Olhos de Agua, Algarve Palms - Oil on canvas board study - The Unknown Painter

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